Scott Smith

Remembering Kevin by Scott Smith

(Scott Smith is the owner/operator of TRS (The Recording Studio) in Sunnyvale, CA , where all the Giraffe activities were conceived and recorded. It was also the rehearsal room for the assemblage of the live band. Equipment-wise, it was an average, quirky mid-80’s studio. Vibe-wise, it was other-worldly. Scotty still is today (10/99) the owner of TRS, and continues to do his music and selected projects.)

"The first time I met Kevin, he was 16 or 17 years old. I walked in to the control room at TRS, and he was in there recording one of my songs. It was a little awkward, as he sheepishly asked my permission. Stan (Cotey) had helped me mix the song and he had played it for Kevin. Kevin re-wound the tape and played the song. It was stunning. A cross between XTC and Yes. I ended up playing drums and percussion on almost all of his stuff from then on, until he moved to LA. The first two years of that turned into "The Power Of Suggestion." He was like 18 or 19.

The live band was the best damn band in the world. The magic, the traveling, the guys, the music. We were in LA for the Yamaha Soundcheck Finals at the Universal Ampitheatre. The morning of the gig, the LA Times headlines were "Gilbert Sweeps West" (referring to Hurricane Gilbert), but I knew that morning that we would slam that night. We won… that kind of stuff happened all the time.

To Chris, Stan, Michael and Kevin: You guys are the best. Scotty

P.S. Long Live Gabriel and Tracy Lords….