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NRG Available for the first time on CD!

For the first time Kevin Gilbert’s debut album NRG (No Reasons Given) is available on CD. Meticulously re-mastered from the original tapes with all the original cover art. This is a must for all KG fans. Get a glimpse at how it all started.

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Available Now!
The Shaming Of The True – Special Limited Edition
2 Disc Set

The Shaming Of The True – Special Limited Edition 2 Disc Set
After a year of setbacks the new special edition of Kevin Gilbert’s The Shaming Of The True is now available. This new package includes:
  1. The Shaming Of The True completely re-mastered from the original analog tapes
  2. A second complimentary disc including:
  • An alternate version of Parade
  • A version of Long Day’s Life featuring the London Philharmonic meticulously overdubbed on Kevin’s track by Producer/Engineer Mark Hornsby
  • A spoken word version of the entire TSOTT performed by Jamie DeWolf
  1. A stunning 12” x 12” quad gatefold container with all the lyrics, original liner notes, plus new photos and an alternate cover drawing
  2. Fourteen 12“x 12” frameable quality prints of all the art from the original book
  3. A frameable lead sheet of Long Day’s Life
  4. The CDs themselves are mounted on a board with two alternate drawings and a great full color photo of Kevin on the reverse.
This production is limited to 1000 units.
This collector’s edition requires special packaging to prevent damage; therefore, it must be shipped separately and cannot be combined with other items. If you order additional items they will be registered as a second order and shipped separately.

If you wish to order more than two copies at once please contact Pop Plus One by email:

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Available Now!
Kevin Gilbert Performs Toy Matinee Live is out. This brilliant performance, beautifully recorded at Los Angeles’s renowned Roxy on May 1, 1991, was mixed and produced by Kevin and mastered by John Cuniberti. The band includes luminaries Marc Bonilla, Spencer Campbell, Toss Panos and Sheryl Crow with a guest appearance by Tim Pierce. This CD is a must have for any Toy Matinee or Kevin fan.

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