David Levita

Notes from Dave Levita (From Kaviar)

I met Kevin a mere six months before he passed away, and in that short time, I received a lifetime’s worth of inspiration and excitement for music. My friend Susie Davis brought me over to Kev’s studio, where he and Brian McLeod were hanging out. They were very warm right off the bat, and while I was futzing around in the studio getting some sounds together, they were already recording me.

Kevin always had a surprise move up his sleeve. It’s difficult to describe, but I received some sort of gift of energy and confidence from KG over those few months. He always made everyone’s instrument sound incredible, and despite his overall command of the music going down, he was as open minded as you can get… until something sucked. I guess I am still awestruck by Kevin. I put his work up there with any of the greats. I’m very lucky to have landed in another great band, led by Dustin Boyer, with his brother Trevor on drums. Dustin is another incredible creator of noise.

What can I say, I’m just a lucky MOFO.

Adios, David Levita