Goodman Badman

(Kevin Gilbert)

A higher standard forms
Cuts off my individuality
Govern too much
Your standards are your crutch
Shelter me from harsh reality

It's a frame of mind
You need not think it's your defeat
We're not unkind
We're only trying to make your life complete

No... that's not how I am
I try to keep myself from wondering "Good Christian Men"
Will I turn out just like them?
An empty wasted life of blundering

A reprimand
Did you think you'd get away with this?
In high demand
Your honesty upsets our perfect bliss

(Goodman Badman All the Sameman)
(Richman Poorman All the Sameman)

Is that what I am
Am I all the things you said I'd be
Today I'm a man
But is that what I want to be
Should I be blind
Or should I look with deep concern
It cuts off my mind
When there's still so much to learn

Within one shell
A number serves quite well
I only kick my walls so they'll fall down

You're too intense
Your point is lost to entropy
Your experience
Has only just begun to make you see

I'll do what I can
With a palette filled with shades of grey
Today I'm a man
And you can put me on display
I'm part of the plan

(All the Same Way)