Watching Me

(Kevin Gilbert)

All day long I sit home
And watch the clock go round and round
Don't dare move, don't dare speak
For fear I'll miss the warning sound

From the floors, from the walls
Their eyes are staring at me
I hear them, their voices
They think that I can set them free

I don't know their names
(But memories remain)
Tell me what it means
(To live inside your dreams)

See those eyes
(Our eyes are getting closer)
Feel the walls
(We hear each word you say)
Watching me
(We know what you're thinking)
Looking in
(You're always on display)
Don't give me none of your two-cent sympathy
Cause someone's been watching me
Don't try to tell me it's just insanity
Cause they got their eyes on me I know it..
(I know it)
Someone's been watching me
They've got no right to see what they see
Someone's been..
(watching me)

No one will believe me
Am I the only one who
Can see them, can feel them
Their silence mocking me
You hear that, that laughing
It's not imagination
Descending, impending
A fate I'll have to face someday
Make them go away
(There's nowhere else to play)
I feel them coming through
(We are just like you)